Music Will Still Be Constant

Today Donald Trump was sworn in as the forty-fifth president of The United States. My social media was filled with messages of uncertainty and worry. On the other side I also saw kindness, love, and an unwillingness to give up. If I’m being honest I was feeling more on the uncertain side of the coin. Feeling like I was in a complete funk for the majority of the day,  I spent a good portion of it curled up on my couch with comfort food and several episodes of How I Met Your Mother. As the day wore on, I switched from Netflix to music that I knew that I could find comfort in. I started thinking about the next four years and how even though it’s going to be challenging with many mountains to climb, there will still be music.

I’ll still be able to turn on my favorite song and forget for three and a half minutes. I will still be able to go to a show and forget for an entire night if I want. It’s something that will never change and for that I’m thankful.

Music has held a special place in my heart for the last ten years. I’ve met some of my best friends going to shows and through online messaging boards.* The girls that I met in my formative years are still some of my closest friends. Even though none of us live in the same city anymore, I still lean on them for support. Whether it be a tough week at work or dealing with the aftermath of the election, we’re there for each other because music brought us together. We knew each other through all the bad fashion choices, haircuts, and heartbreaks. As an adult we’ve seen the best and worst of each other. That’s a bond that I cherish every day.

I’m going to continue to use music as my rock and support over these next four years and beyond. Sometimes you just need to forget what’s going on for that three and a half minute pop song. Other times it takes an entire night going to a show, dancing with your friends, and shouting lyrics to songs that mean something bigger. I’m going to keep leaning on my friends from the scene when I need support. I keep thinking about all the incredible music that hasn’t been made yet and the bands that haven’t been formed. I feel hope and I want to keep feeling this way.


*Shout out to The Hustler Club. I can’t believe my parents let fourteen year old Erin join a fan club with that name. Thanks All Time Low.


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I'm a 22 year old college graduate who spends a lot of time wearing headphones, drinking coffee, and pondering what life is about.

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